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Women’s experiences of childbirth, care and support – a metasynthesis

Författare och institution:
Ingela Lundgren (Institutionen för vårdvetenskap och hälsa); Terese Bondas (-)
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15th Qualitative Health Research, International Institute for Qualitative Methodology's, University of Alberta, Vancouver, Canada, 4-6 October 2009,
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Sammanfattning (abstract):
Physical indicators have been the measure of the success of childbirth by professionals educated in a medical perspective, while the experiences of the childbearing families in different cultures have been considered of minor importance. The medicalization has the consequence of regarding every birth as potentially risky and abnormal, and requiring medical interventions. However, life changes for good, especially for women embodied through their childbirth, and the memories of the events and caring and uncaring encounters are well kept. The childbirth experiences also influence the relationships with their baby and their partner in the postpartum period, and the onset of postnatal depression, anxiety and PSTD. Several qualitative studies have described women’s experiences of childbirth, care and support in varied ways and a metasynthesis is warranted to integrate the findings. The aim is also to reflect on the findings and the theories and the methods that implicit or explicit have guided the research. The intention is to influence clinical practice, and also to push the theory and the research designs, and ask new meaningful research questions. The threefold interpretative metastudy developed by Paterson and colleagues was chosen for this collaborative metasynthesis research program in childbearing. Inclusion and exclusion criteria were developed, and seven health related databases were searched in different disciplines and findings from different cultures with the chosen keywords. Previous literature reviews were reviewed, and author and ancestry search was performed to access studies not identified through the database search. The presentation will focus on the preliminary findings from this study.
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childbirth, qualitative method, metasynthesis
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2009-09-29 08:41
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2010-02-12 14:42

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