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Patterns of Interaction: A study of the relations between designers, engineers, marketers and top management in four companies

Författare och institution:
Ulla Johansson (Gothenburg Research Institute (GRI)); Lisbeth Svengren Holm (-)
Publicerad i:
Design Management Institute Academic conference in Paris 14-15 April 2008,
Konferensbidrag, refereegranskat
Sammanfattning (abstract):
The importance of integrating design not only in processes of innovation, but also in companies’ overall strategic work has been stressed by researchers and practitioners alike (c.f. Svengren 1996, Jevnaker, 2000; Joziasse, 2000; Bruce and Bessant, 2002; Borja De Mozota, 2003; Lockwood, 2004). Borja de Mozota (2003) discusses how to relate design to the strategic work of the com¬pany in her work. Joziasse (2000) discusses how different levels of design management are related to different levels of strategy within a corporate context. Though we do have this knowledge about the importance of a strategic integration of design and of the possibility to use design as a strategic resource at different levels, we do not have much articulated knowledge about how this integration process is carried through. We also do not have so much knowledge how designers and its close alliances in the company make sense of this process when design is introduced with a strategic intent. Rather, contacts with practitioners as well as some research indicate that despite the recognition of design as an important resource there are much of communication gaps as well as unexplored theoretical underpinnings. In this paper we draw upon an empirical study made from 2002 throughout 2005 in five companies where we have looked at the relationships between three professional groups and the top management. We analyzed the relationships that occurred from a sense-making per¬spective (Weick 2001) in order to understand what actually happens when they interact and when designers tried to get integrated into the corporate strategic deve¬lop¬ment. The three groups studied were industrial designers, marketers and engineers. We also looked at the designer’s and the design’s relation to top management and vice versa. The reasons we have chosen these groups are that engineers and marketers represent the main professional groups with whom designers need to cooperate. Support from top management is often mentioned as a necessity when integration of design is discussed. Marketers and engineers also have quite diverse sense-making – differing both from each other and from the designers.
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design management
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2009-02-22 10:37

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