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Updated research nosology for HIV-associated neurocognitive disorders

Författare och institution:
A. Antinori (-); G. Arendt (-); J. T. Becker (-); B. J. Brew (-); D. A. Byrd (-); M. Cherner (-); D. B. Clifford (-); P. Cinque (-); L. G. Epstein (-); K. Goodkin (-); Magnus Gisslén (Institutionen för biomedicin, avdelningen för infektionssjukdomar); I. Grant (-); R. K. Heaton (-); J. Joseph (-); K. Marder (-); C. M. Marra (-); J. C. McArthur (-); M. Nunn (-); R. W. Price (-); L. Pulliam (-); K. R. Robertson (-); N. Sacktor (-); V. Valcour (-); V. E. Wojna (-)
Publicerad i:
Neurology, 69 ( 18 ) s. 1789-99
Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig
Sammanfattning (abstract):
In 1991, the AIDS Task Force of the American Academy of Neurology published nomenclature and research case definitions to guide the diagnosis of neurologic manifestations of HIV-1 infection. Now, 16 years later, the National Institute of Mental Health and the National Institute of Neurological Diseases and Stroke have charged a working group to critically review the adequacy and utility of these definitional criteria and to identify aspects that require updating. This report represents a majority view, and unanimity was not reached on all points. It reviews our collective experience with HIV-associated neurocognitive disorders (HAND), particularly since the advent of highly active antiretroviral treatment, and their definitional criteria; discusses the impact of comorbidities; and suggests inclusion of the term asymptomatic neurocognitive impairment to categorize individuals with subclinical impairment. An algorithm is proposed to assist in standardized diagnostic classification of HAND.
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2009-01-06 17:29
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