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Sinus Lift Procedure Using a 2-Stage Surgical Technique: I. Clinical and Radiographic Report up to 5 Years

Författare och institution:
Karl-Erik Kahnberg (Institutionen för odontologi); Lena Vannas-Löfqvist (Institutionen för odontologi)
Publicerad i:
The International Journal of Oral & Maxillofacial Implants , 28 ( 5 ) s. 876-884
Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig
Sammanfattning (abstract):
Purpose: The aim of this study was to report the long-term results of a 2-stage sinus lift procedure with autologous bone graft and Astra Tech Tioblast ST implants (Astra Tech, Mölndal, Sweden). Materials and Methods: Sinus lift procedures were carried out in 36 patients, 25 unilateral and 11 bilateral. Bone grafts were obtained from the iliac crest, mandibular angle, or chin region. Healing time for bone grafts varied between 4 and 5 months. Implants were allowed to heal for 6 months. The patients were followed in a standardized clinical and radiographic method for up to 5 years. Patients with partial dentition in the maxilla and limited bone volume below the sinus cavity (6 to 7 mm) were consecutively included in the study. Smoking was a contraindication to inclusion in the study unless patients who smoked quit smoking for at least 6 months prior to surgery. Results: All patients have been successfully restored with fixed complete dentures. There was no implant loss. Radiographic examination showed minor changes in bone graft height (1 to 1.5 mm) over 5 years and moderate bone remodeling (1 to 2 mm over 5 years). Signs of sinus infection appeared in 8 patients. In 4 patients, partial loss of bone graft material occurred. Conclusion: Two-stage sinus lift procedure with autologous bone graft material in combination with Astra Tech Tioblast ST implants has a predictable outcome. The method is reliable and useful for patients with severe resorption of the posterior maxilla.
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bone-implant interaction, bone regeneration, clinical research, sinus floor elevation, surgical techniques
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2008-12-23 09:42
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