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Differences that matter: Materialities, material culture and social practice

Författare och institution:
Fredrik Fahlander (Institutionen för arkeologi och antikens kultur)
Publicerad i:
Six essays on the materiality of society and culture, s. 127-54
Bricoleur Press
Sammanfattning (abstract):
he present text concerns the social implications of the material world, focusing on the sociality of materialities rather than their possible meaning and symbolism. It is argued that the interpretative approach only permit things and objects to be active within a conscious human discourse. It is suggested that archaeology would benefit from approaching materialities from a less humanocentric perspective and acknowledge a greater variety of ways in which materialities are involved in the structurating process of society. This, however, does not imply that the material world is equal to the human in terms of agency, nor does it suggest a symmetrical relationship between the living and the material. What is socially significant in the material context, and to which degree, is something that needs to be considered in each given case. A second issue concerned is the construction of models or fictions that we employ in our analysis of socio-material worlds. Given the great importance of such fictions for the outcome of our studies they need to be thoroughly discussed, and, considering that we might expect to encounter practices and ways of thinking that is no longer represented in contemporary societies, a creative element is also called for.
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