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In situ Analyses of Painted Wall-hangings from Southern Sweden

Författare och institution:
Ingalill Nyström-Larsson (Institutionen för kulturvård); Jonny Bjurman (Institutionen för kulturvård)
Publicerad i:
47th Eastern Analytical Symposium, Somerset, New Jersey USA, nov 17-20, 2008: Abstracts, s. 60-60
Konferensbidrag, refereegranskat
Sammanfattning (abstract):
This contribution presents a holistic Art Technological Source Research (A.T.S.R.) approach on painted textile or paper wall-hangings from Southern Sweden, often called “bonader”. Recipes, authentic painting equipment, handbooks, other historical and ethnological documents as well as genuine wall hangings from the 18th and 19th centuries are used as sources. The handling of the fragile wall hangings should be minimised. Reconstructions of the containing paint and ground of the wall-hangings i.e. pigments, dyes, fillings and binders have been prepared. The reconstructions should be used as references for confirmatory in situ analyses on further wall-hangings employing non-destructive analytical techniques such as a mobile FT-Raman with a micro-video-probe and a portable FTIR and a multispectral system. An evaluation of the performance of FT-Raman in combination with a FTIR for the analysis of mixture of materials found in this type of object and results from the first phase of the project will be presented.
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pigment, dyes, fillings, painted wall-hangings, ATSR, Raman
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2008-11-25 10:19
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2008-11-25 11:07

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