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Food processing: barriers to, or opportunities for, organic foods in the catering sector?

Författare och institution:
Anna Post (Institutionen för mat, hälsa och miljö); Helena Shanahan (Institutionen för mat, hälsa och miljö & Centrum för konsumtionsvetenskap (CFK)); Lena Jonsson (Institutionen för mat, hälsa och miljö)
Publicerad i:
British Food Journal,, 110 ( 2 ) s. 160-173 (14)
Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig
Sammanfattning (abstract):
Purpose - The aim of this article is to examine whether food processing is a limitation when using organic potatoes and tubers and to suggest which catering category is most likely to purchase processed organic products. Design/methodology/approach - A nationwide questionnaire was distributed by post to 808 Swedish catering managers in five categories: commercial restaurants, fast food restaurants, school canteens, day care centres, and homes for the elderly. The results were analysed on the basis of size and category. Findings - The demand for processed organic potatoes and tubers differs between sizes and categories, and various catering units require different types of processing. Catering units in the public food sector also face a dilemma in terms of rationalised production systems and the ideological concerns about organic foods. Research limitations/implications - Further studies on ideological concerns and rationalised production systems are required. Originality/value - The paper shows that product development should take place in cooperation between all actors in the food supply system and be adjusted to fit each specific catering category.
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Buying behaviour; Catering industry; Organic foods; Processed foods; Sweden
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2008-10-30 11:03

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