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Cardiovascular and psychosomatic symptoms among relatives of patients waiting for possible coronary revascularization.

Författare och institution:
Ann Bengtson (Wallenberglaboratoriet); Thomas Karlsson (Hjärt-kärlinstitutionen); Peter Währborg (Hjärt-kärlinstitutionen); Åke Hjalmarson (Wallenberglaboratoriet); Johan Herlitz (Hjärt-kärlinstitutionen)
Publicerad i:
Heart & Lung: Journal of Acute & Critical Care, 25 ( 6 ) s. 438-43
Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig
Sammanfattning (abstract):
OBJECTIVE: To examine the consequences for close family members of patients on a waiting list for possible coronary revascularization. BACKGROUND: An increasing number of patients with symptomatic ischemic heart disease require evaluation for possible revascularization. Many of these patients must wait a long time before receiving treatment. The negative consequences of this long wait for patients and their relatives have not been satisfactorily evaluated previously. DESIGN: Cross-sectional descriptive study. SETTING: All hospitals in Southwestern Sweden. STUDY POPULATION: One hundred relatives of patients referred for possible revascularization and a sex- and age-matched reference group. The convenience sample consisted of 85% (n = 76) women and 15% (n = 13) men. OUTCOME MEASURES: Frequency of cardiovascular and psychosomatic symptoms. EVALUATION: One hundred relatives and 100 members of the control group were sent a questionnaire to evaluate their clinical condition; working situation; use of tobacco, alcohol and sedatives; and cardiovascular and psychosomatic symptoms. RESULTS: Family members had a significantly higher frequency of anxiety, depression, and irritability compared with the control group. Furthermore, family members reported sleeping disorders, including difficulty waking, tiredness due to lack of sleep, and restless sleep, more frequently than did the control group. CONCLUSION: Close family members of patients waiting for coronary revascularization have particular difficulties, and these difficulties should receive more attention.
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2008-06-11 13:49
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