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How to Study Reconstruction?

Författare och institution:
Michael Schulz (Institutionen för freds- och utvecklingsforskning & Institutionen för omvärldsstudier av människans villkor, centrum för mellanösternstudier)
Antal sidor:
Socialantropologiska institutionen, GU, Legacy of War and Violence - Working Paper Series No 13
Sammanfattning (abstract):
The aim of this study is threefold. One aim is to collect data of indicators that measure the progress of the reconstruction in 361 cases where reconstruction efforts have recently begun or are still taking place. In three of the chosen cases, a more in-depth study will follow. These three chosen cases are Palestine, Iraq and Sri Lanka. Secondly, the chosen cases aim to contribute to explain successful/failed outcomes of reconstruction efforts. Hence, a descriptive and measuring instrument is used to identify variations of degrees of reconstruction indictors as well as differences between the cases. At the same time, an explanatory approach will test which factors that progress reconstruction efforts. Thirdly, a more comprehensive quantitative database of reconstruction will be built jointly, thereby enabling a longitudinal study of all reconstruction cases (see appendixes) since the end of WW II in war torn societies.

Since the end of World War II, approximately 160 wars have taken place (Uppsala Conflict Data Base), some of these wars have taken place even in the same country. From these around 50-60 wars are potential cases for the reconstruction index (including the cases of Germany and Japan).

The two overarching research questions of this study are: What is the progress of the reconstruction process and how is it linked to nation building? What explains successful/failed reconstruction initiated in war torn societies?
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legacy of war and violence, comparative studies
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2008-06-04 13:49
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2008-12-05 12:53

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