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Fcgamma receptor polymorphisms and periodontal status: a prospective follow-up study.

Författare och institution:
D L Wolf (-); Anne-Marie Neiderud (Institutionen för odontologi); K Hinckley (-); Gunnar Dahlén (Institutionen för odontologi); J G J van de Winkel (-); P N Papapanou (-)
Publicerad i:
Journal of clinical periodontology, 33 ( 10 ) s. 691-8
Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig
Sammanfattning (abstract):
AIMS: The aims of this study were to assess: (i) the distribution of Fcgamma receptor polymorphisms among patients with chronic periodontitis ("cases") and control subjects with no/minimal loss of periodontal tissue support in a Caucasian population; (ii) whether these polymorphisms can serve as severity markers for periodontitis; and (iii) whether they have any bearing on the response to periodontal therapy. METHODS: The study sample consisted of 132 cases and 73 controls of comparable age and gender. Full-mouth periodontal status was assessed. Subgingival plaque (PL) samples and blood samples were obtained and analysed with respect to 19 bacterial species and homologous serum immunoglobulin G titres. Polymorphisms in the Fcgamma receptor IIa (131R/H) and IIIb (NA1/NA2) were assessed by polymerase chain reaction. Patients underwent periodontal therapy and were followed up at 4 and 30 months. RESULTS: Neither polymorphism showed a skewed distribution among cases and controls. At baseline, periodontitis patients with Fcgamma RIIa-H/H131 genotype had more PL and deeper pockets than patients in other genotype groups (p < 0.05). Both bacterial levels and antibody titres were unrelated to genotype. The longitudinal analysis failed to detect an association between genotype and response to periodontal therapy. CONCLUSIONS: The present data failed to demonstrate a clinically relevant relationship between the Fcgamma receptor IIa (131R/H) or IIIb (NA1/NA2) polymorphism and periodontal status.
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Adult, Antigens, CD, analysis, genetics, Bacteria, classification, Biological Markers, analysis, Chronic Disease, Dental Plaque, microbiology, Female, Follow-Up Studies, Gene Frequency, genetics, Genotype, Humans, Immunoglobulin G, blood, Male, Middle Aged, Periodontal Index, Periodontal Pocket, genetics, immunology, therapy, Periodontitis, genetics, immunology, therapy, Periodontium, immunology, Polymorphism, Genetic, genetics, Prospective Studies, Receptors, IgG, analysis, genetics
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2008-05-06 14:13
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