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The collective self and the ethno-political movement: "rhizomes" and "taproots" in the Amazon

Författare och institution:
Dan Rosengren (Socialantropologiska institutionen)
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Identities: Global studies in culture and power, 10 ( 2 (April) ) s. 221-240
Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig
Sammanfattning (abstract):
The present situation in the Amazon is frequently characterized by political tensions between indigenous and non-indigenous peoples. As a consequence, indigenous peoples are organizing in order to defend themselves and their land against the encroachment of representatives from the national society. To the Matsigenka, who live in the monta a of southeastern Peru, this process is relatively recent, and so is the conceptualization of ensuing conflicts in ethnic terms. Although ethnic criteria for constructing social identity is still largely alien to most Matsigenka, it has, to the indigenous organizations, come to serve as the model for defining political issues mainly because it is imposed by the dominant national society, which defines the rules. At the same time, categories of beings that are defined in notions of the cosmogony remain a significant factor in the Matsigenka conceptualization of the social world. The employment of two parallel models for constructing identity, which are occasionally conflicting, produces both conceptual confusion and organizational problems for the Matsigenka ethno-political movement.
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identity constructions, ethnicity, indigenous movements, Matsigenka, Amazon
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