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Some silicon-based heterostructures for optical applications

Författare och institution:
Magnus Willander (Institutionen för fysik (GU)); Qingxiang Zhao (Institutionen för fysik (GU)); Omer Nur (Institutionen för fysik (GU)); Qiuhong Hu (Institutionen för fysik (GU))
Publicerad i:
J. Electron. Mater., 34 ( 5 ) s. 515-521
Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig
Sammanfattning (abstract):
In this paper, we will present our recent research on the growth and characterization of some Si-based heterostructures for optical and photonic devices. The heterostructures to be discussed are ZnO nanorods on Si, SiO2, and other substrates such as SiN and sapphire. We will also consider strained Si1-xGex/Si heterostructures for Si optoelectronics. The performance and functionality extension of Si technology for photonic applications due to the development of such heterostructures will be presented. We will focus on the results of structural and optical characterization in relation to device properties. The structural characterization includes X-ray diffraction for assessment of the crystallinity and stress in the films and secondary ion mass spectrometry for chemical analysis. The optical properties and electronic structure were investigated by using photoluminescence. The device application of these thin film structures includes detectors, lasers, and light emitting devices. Some of the Si-based heterostructures to be presented include devices emitting and detecting up to the blue-green and violet wave lengths
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2007-10-19 10:47

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