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A temporary filling material may cause cusp deflection, infractions and fractures in endodontically treated teeth.

Författare och institution:
M H Laustsen (-); E C Munksgaard (-); Claes Reit (Odontologiska institutionen, Avdelningen för endodonti med oral diagnostik); L Bjørndal (-)
Publicerad i:
International endodontic journal, 38 ( 9 ) s. 653-7
Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig
Sammanfattning (abstract):
AIM: To test the hypothesis that Coltosol F might cause infractions and cusp fracture in root-filled teeth because of material expansion. METHODOLOGY: Thirty-two extracted human molar teeth were root filled and prepared with mesial-occlusal-distal (MOD) cavities with or without undercuts. The specimens were filled proximally with glass-ionomer cement and then occlusally with either Coltosol F or zinc oxide eugenol (ZOE). The tooth specimens were kept in water at 37 degrees C for a period of 20 days, and every second day the intercusp distance (ICD) of each specimen was measured in a travelling microscope, and the number of infraction lines as well as fractures were noted. RESULTS: The number of infraction lines increased in teeth filled with Coltosol F. Between day 8 and 16, seven of 16 teeth filled with Coltosol F showed fracture and exhibited a mean increase in ICD of 316 +/- 156 microm. Teeth filled with ZOE did not show an increase in number of infraction lines or in ICD, and none showed fracture. CONCLUSIONS: The hygroscopic expansion of Coltosol F in a cavity may lead to cusp deflection, infraction development and fracture. Masticatory forces will in vivo aggravate this unfavourable condition. The material is not recommended for temporary filling in root-filled teeth except for a few days.
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Calcium Sulfate, adverse effects, Dental Cements, adverse effects, Dental Restoration, Temporary, adverse effects, Humans, Molar, Tooth Crown, injuries, Tooth Fractures, etiology, Tooth, Nonvital, Zinc Sulfate, adverse effects
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2007-10-18 08:58
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