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Functional influence of masticatory muscles on the fibre characteristics and capillary distribution in growing ferrets (Mustela putonusfuro)--a histochemical analysis.

Författare och institution:
Tailun He (Odontologiska institutionen, Avdelningen för ortodonti); Stina Olsson (Odontologiska institutionen, Avdelningen för ortodonti); Jens Rosengren Daugaard (-); Stavros Kiliaridis (-)
Publicerad i:
Archives of oral biology, 49 ( 12 ) s. 983-9
Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig
Sammanfattning (abstract):
OBJECTIVE: Changes in the masticatory function of ferrets have been shown to cause alterations in their craniofacial morphology. The aim of the present study was to investigate how the functional changes influence the histochemical characteristics of fibres of the masticatory muscles of the animal. DESIGN: Forty five-week old male ferrets were divided into two groups: one group was fed a diet of hard pellets (HD group), and one group was fed the same diet but softened with water (SD group). After 6 months, specimens of temporalis, masseter and digastricus were taken from each ferret and prepared for enzyme histochemical analysis RESULTS: Type I muscle fibres constituted the majority of the temporalis and the masseter, while the digastricus mainly comprised type II muscle fibres. The fibre-type composition did not differ significantly between the two groups. The mean cross-sectional area of type I and type II fibres in the temporalis and the masseter, and type II fibres in the digastricus was significantly greater in the HD group than the SD group. Furthermore, the HD group had a significantly greater number of capillaries per fibre, but not per surface unit (mm2). CONCLUSIONS: The results suggest that the muscle fibre size and the number of capillaries per fibre of the masticatory muscles are readily adaptesd to the altered masticatory muscle functions.
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Animals, Capillaries, Ferrets, growth & development, physiology, Image Processing, Computer-Assisted, methods, Immunohistochemistry, methods, Male, Masseter Muscle, anatomy & histology, physiology, Masticatory Muscles, anatomy & histology, physiology, Muscle Fibers, cytology, physiology, Muscle, Skeletal, blood supply, physiology, Temporal Muscle, anatomy & histology, physiology
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2007-10-17 15:31
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2011-01-20 09:59

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