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Nye kontrolformer ændrer tilliden til professioner

Författare och institution:
Lennart G. Svensson (Sociologiska institutionen)
Publicerad i:
Professionsfagenes krise. En udfordring til laerer-, paedagog- og sygeplejerskeuddannelserne (red.) Jensen, Knud, s. 53-86
Danmarks Paedagogiske Universitetsforlag
Sammanfattning (abstract):
Trust and legitimacy are fundamental issues, deeply concerning knowledge-based occupations as a service class and as professional groups. For almost three decades in Western countries, professionalism as occupational control and discretion have again been challenged by the logic of free market and the logic of rational management. These alterations have been connected on the one hand to decentralisation, deregulation, and the introduction of forms more or less resembling free market, and on the other hand new forms of organisation, management and audit. The process of deregulating higher education has created less comprehensive professional education programmes and less comprehensive credentials as bases for licensing. Payment by results in more narrow units and divisions has strongly economised the discourse at work, which is enforced by extensive accounting and auditing, and which moves the legitimacy from credentials to results and from professionals to managers. Marketisation has large variations between service areas, and it seems to be less suitable with contracting and markets in human service, where the “products” are less commodified. Managerialism is increasing as work organisations are becoming more complete in terms of identity, hierarchy and rationality. Higher degree of organisation in public welfare service institutions by marketisation and managerialism, partly replacing professionalism, emphasises again the need of organisational analyses of professional occupations and their institutions. There is also a possible new mix of trust in occupations and their performances compared to their corresponding institutions. Institutional ethics is proposed as one important response from the discourse of professionalism to enforce trust and legitimacy.
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professionalism, trust, control, markets, managerialism
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2007-10-15 15:56

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