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Les épithètes anaphoriques et la distinction référentiel/attributif

Författare och institution:
Palle Leth (Filosofiska institutionen)
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Res per nomen 2007: Actes du 1er colloque Res per nomen pour une linguistique de la dénomination, de la référence et de l’usage: Reims, du 24 au 26 mai 2007. Proceedings of the First Res Per Nomen Conference on Naming, Referring and Usage in Linguistics: Reims, 24–26 May 2007, s. 145–151
Konferensbidrag, refereegranskat
Sammanfattning (abstract):
The function of anaphoric epithets, i.e. definite descriptions that appear in a referential chain, in texts is examined. First, we hope to establish that definite descriptions of this sort are referential expressions, they contribute a particular individual to the proposition and do not stipulate conditions to be satisfied by whoever happens to satisfy them. It is argued that it is the cohesion of the text that prescribes the referential function of anaphoric epithets. Second, a comparison between anaphoric epithets and Donnellan’s referential use is made. It will appear that anaphoric epithets are not exclusively referential devices, but the sense of the description enters into what is expressed by them. Anaphoric epithets are an instance of saturated linguistic expressions that nevertheless must be related to other expressions in order to be properly interpreted.
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Historia och arkeologi
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2007-08-27 17:00

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