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Arbetsvårdens ideologi och funktion - en kritisk granskning av en vård sektors utveckling och utformning.

Författare och institution:
Lars-Erik Bringhed (Sociologiska institutionen); Annika Rodhner (Sociologiska institutionen)
Utgiven i serie vid Göteborgs universitet:
Forskningsrapport / Sociologiska institutionen, Göteborgs universitet, ISSN 0072-5099 ; nr 18
Antal sidor:
Göteborg University
Sammanfattning (abstract):
This study is an attempt to analyse rehabilitation in a specific kind of society, from a macro-sociological point of view. During the last twenty years, rehabilitation in Sweden has gone through an enormous expansion. A critical report on this development has not been done before. We have, by using public documents in which we analysed the motives and values behind the decisions made, studied the relationships between the development of rehabilitation and the development of the society in Sweden. We have studied these phenomenas historically until the present day in a conflict view of development of society, that is a marxist fram of reference. In a capitalist society, where the economic system is governed by the principle of maximum profit, a conflict arisesbetween this principle and the attainment of social and humanitarian aims. We found that the steps taken, greatly - though often hidden in humane language - were governed by the planning for higher profit by the bourgeoisie, and that the humanitarian aims oftern became secondary. We also have studied the language and the ideology as a power function with the purpose of creating a picture of reality that is crooked and that serves the interests of the establishment.
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2007-07-06 16:14

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