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Höganäs - en fallstudierapport om IT och skolan

Författare och institution:
Henrik Hansson (Företagsekonomiska institutionen)
Utgiven i serie vid Göteborgs universitet:
Working paper in studies of organization and society / Företagsekonomiska institutionen (online), ISSN 1651-8101; nr 2004:2
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Sammanfattning (abstract):
This paper is the fourth of six case studies in a research project "The school and information- and communication technology (ICT)". This one is taking place in the mu-nicipality of Höganäs. The results from the study can be summarised as: A few enthusiasts driving the development of IT managing the hardware and software with scarce resources. The new technology introduced is making a difference, but the change is not a revolution but rather a slow evolution. The differences in competence and the subsequent specializa-tion of some teachers seem to be an unintended and inevitable consequence of the ICT introduction. The municipality claim to strive towards decentralization of the organization, however ICT seem to have an opposite effect. The continuity from the development can be interpreted in terms of careful development of infrastructure and competence. No radi-cal measures are taken but most investments are well thought over and implemented con-tinuously. Also the competences among the teachers are changing over time. A more inter-esting conclusion is that ICT has affected the long-term attitude and use of ICT. The pro-jects have exposed the community with possibilities as well as limitations and therefore the perception of ICT has changed within the school organization.
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Information technology, school organization, educational organization, educational practise, public management, gender, practise, profession
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2007-03-14 16:09
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2007-07-03 14:32

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