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The Potential of West European Sea-based Intermodal Systems - Extended study

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Rickard Bergqvist (Företagsekonomiska institutionen)
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Sammanfattning (abstract):
Firstly, this report is a complement to the original report The Potential of West European Sea-based Intermodal System, not as a substitute. The purpose of this research is to give a more in-dept analysis of the results and to increase the reliability and validity of the original research. This complementary report includes analyses and their impact on the potential of the Intermodal transportation system. The analyses consider data quality, road transport distances and the loading area design of the Intermodal transportation system. From the analyses done in this research, the potential amounts of goods, dependent on the degree of limitations, are 46000 or 33000 heavy road vehicles on a yearly basis. One important conclusion from this complementary research is that, when comparing the geographical market for potential III and potential IV not much geographical market is lost when adding the limitations induced by potential IV. The reason for this is that rail transportation will cover much of the market lost when excluding port of Valencia and Marseille from the system design. However, rail transportation is not more economically beneficial for this market than by the inclusion of the Ports in Valencia and Marseille in the Intermodal transportation system, but more economically preferable than direct road transportation from Scandinavia. This sensitivity analysis is interesting for the system designer. The analysis shows that the Intermodal transportation system has alternative solutions and is somewhat flexible when it comes to the choice of transport mode, within the geographical market. There are also opportunities from legislations which enable Member States to directly promote Intermodal transportation, unfortunately only explored by a few Member States. Member States should be enlightened, so that these opportunities are realised in a national and global scale.
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Sea transportation; transportation; external effects; Intermodal transportation; Coordination; Potential
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2007-03-12 14:49
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2007-04-11 14:55

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