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MPI-DING reference glasses for in situ microanalysis: New reference values for element concentrations and isotope ratios

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K. P. Jochum (-); B. Stoll (-); K. Herwig (-); M. Willbold (-); A. W. Hofmann (-); M. Amini (-); S. Aarburg (-); W. Abouchami (-); E. Hellebrand (-); B. Mocek (-); I. Raczek (-); A. Stracke (-); O. Alard (-); C. Bouman (-); S. Becker (-); M. Ducking (-); H. Bratz (-); R. Klemd (-); D. de Bruin (-); D. Canil (-); David H. Cornell (Institutionen för geovetenskaper); Cees-Jan de Hoog (Institutionen för geovetenskaper); C. Dalpe (-); L. Danyushevsky (-); A. Eisenhauer (-); W. R. Premo (-); W. D. D. Sun (-); M. Tiepolo (-); R. Vannucci (-); T. Vennemann (-); D. Wayne (-); J. D. Woodhead (-)
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Geochemistry Geophysics Geosystems, 7 ( 15 Febr ) s. Q02008
Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig
Sammanfattning (abstract):
[1] We present new analytical data of major and trace elements for the geological MPI-DING glasses KL2-G, ML3B-G, StHs6/80-G, GOR128-G, GOR132-G, BM90/21-G, T1-G, and ATHO-G. Different analytical methods were used to obtain a large spectrum of major and trace element data, in particular, EPMA, SIMS, LA-ICPMS, and isotope dilution by TIMS and ICPMS. Altogether, more than 60 qualified geochemical laboratories worldwide contributed to the analyses, allowing us to present new reference and information values and their uncertainties ( at 95% confidence level) for up to 74 elements. We complied with the recommendations for the certification of geological reference materials by the International Association of Geoanalysts (IAG). The reference values were derived from the results of 16 independent techniques, including definitive ( isotope dilution) and comparative bulk ( e. g., INAA, ICPMS, SSMS) and microanalytical ( e. g., LA-ICPMS, SIMS, EPMA) methods. Agreement between two or more independent methods and the use of definitive methods provided traceability to the fullest extent possible. We also present new and recently published data for the isotopic compositions of H, B, Li, O, Ca, Sr, Nd, Hf, and Pb. The results were mainly obtained by high-precision bulk techniques, such as TIMS and MC-ICPMS. In addition, LA-ICPMS and SIMS isotope data of B, Li, and Pb are presented.
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Geovetenskap och miljövetenskap
MPI-DING glasses, reference values, isotopes, in situ microanalysis, geochemistry, radiogenic isotope geochemistry, geochemistry, major and trace element geochemistry, geochemistry : instruments and techniques
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2007-02-08 14:38
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2009-02-23 13:15

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