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The international political economy of regionalism

Författare och institution:
Fredrik Söderbaum (Institutionen för freds- och utvecklingsforskning & Institutionen för omvärldsstudier av människans villkor, centrum för afrikastudier)
Publicerad i:
Nicola Phillips (ed.), Globalizing international political economy, Basingstoke: Palgrave, s. 221-245
0-333-96504-3 (hb), 0-333-96505-1 (pb)
Sammanfattning (abstract):
(About the book:) Despite its claims to global scope and relevance, International Political Economy as a field of study remains entrenched in a narrow set of theoretical, conceptual and empirical foundations derived from the experiences of the advanced industrialized democracies. Bringing together specially commissioned chapters by leading authorities in each key area of debate, Globalizing International Political Economy provides a systematic examination and critique of contemporary IPE, and puts forward a new agenda for a truly 'global' political economy.
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Annan samhällsvetenskap ->
Tvärvetenskapliga studier ->
Freds- och utvecklingsforskning
international economic relations, economic policy
Ytterligare information:
(Contents of book:) 'Globalizing' the Study of International Political Economy; N.Phillips. Globalization Studies in International Political Economy; N.Phillips. The Study of Governance in a Global Political Economy; A.Payne. State Debates in International Political Economy; N.Phillips Structures, Institutions and Agency in the Models of Capitalism Debate; M.Beeson & S.Bell. Understanding Financial Globalization in International Political Economy; A.Walter. The Transnational Relations Debate; R.O'Brien. Democratization and the Realm of Politics in International Political Economy; J.Grugel. The International Political Economy of Regionalism; F.Söderbaum. Whither IPE?; N.Phillips.
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2007-01-24 12:58
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