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Myocardial infarction in relation to work, family and life events

Författare och institution:
Catharina Welin (Institutionen för omvårdnad); Annika Rosengren (-); Hans Wedel (-); Lars Wilhelmsen (-)
Publicerad i:
Cardiovascular Risk Factors, 5 ( 1 ) s. 30-38
Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig
Sammanfattning (abstract):
The relationship between psychosocial factors and nonfatal myocardial infarction (MI) was studied by comparing, controlling for traditional risk factors, consecutive male (n=55) patients, who had had a first MI, with a population sample of 283 men and 129 women. All were <65 years of age. The psychosocial factors were investigated by means of a self-administered questionnaire. Men with MI significantly more often did shift work, reported mental strain at work, reported dissatisfaction with their financial situation, and had experienced more negative life events during the last year, compared to controls. Women with MI more often reported mental strain at work and dissatisfaction with their financial situation compared with controls. After controlling for traditional risk factors (smoking, hypertension, serum cholesterol, and diabetes), all factors were still significantly related to MI among men. Among women, only mental strain at work remained significant. However, there were no differences between MI patients and controls in educational level, overtime or extra work, marital status, or other family circumstances. In multivariate analyses including traditional risk factors and all significant psychosocial factors, mental strain at work emerged as an independent risk factor in both sexes, whereas negative life events during the last year was an independent risk factor in men only.
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