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A contrastive study of three different Swedish language corpora approximated as input for children’s acquisition of past tense.

Författare och institution:
Ulla Veres (Institutionen för lingvistik)
Publicerad i:
Psychology of Language and Communication, 5 ( 2 ) s. 18
Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig
Sammanfattning (abstract):
This paper reports results from a contrastive study of three Swedish language corpora approximated as input to children. Most research addressing the role of input derives its input data from corpora of written language. This study has been done in order to shed light on whether corpora of written language are comparable to corpora of spoken language or of child-directed adult speech (CDS). The corpora were analyzed in terms of type and token frequencies of verbs marked for past tense.The results of the present stydy show that the frequency distributions are rather similar in the corpora. In the corpus of CDS, however, a small set of verbs is used more frequently in past tense than in the other corpora. These results are discussed in relation to some first results from a study on input and production in a longitudinal case study which show that speech addressed to children, i.e the input over time, is dynamic. The corpora based on communication between adults are static in the sense that they do not change over time. The dynamic interplay between the child's own production and the input to the child will be neutralized in a model that uses static corpora as input.
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Publisher: Matrix Publishers Place of publishing: Warsaw
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2006-10-12 11:55

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