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Training police investigators to interview to detect false intentions

Författare och institution:
Tuule Sooniste (Psykologiska institutionen); Pär-Anders Granhag (Psykologiska institutionen); Leif Strömwall (Psykologiska institutionen)
Publicerad i:
Journal of Police and Criminal Psychology, Epub ahead of print
Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig
Sammanfattning (abstract):
This study is the first to investigate police investigators’ adherence to, and the effectiveness of, a training program for detecting true and false intentions. Experienced police investigators (N = 53) were either trained or not trained in how to interview to discriminate between true and false intentions. All investigators interviewed mock suspects (N = 53), of which half lied and half told truth about their intentions. Both subjective and objective measures showed that the trained investigators interviewed in line with the training received. That is, a large proportion asked about the planning of the stated intentions. Noteworthy, none of untrained investigators reported to have posed such questions for strategic purposes. The trained investigators reached a higher detection accuracy level (65 %) than their untrained colleagues (55 %), however not significantly. Given that the investigators adhered to the training, this training package is a viable starting point for developing more effective training programs.
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Deception detection training, True and false intentions, Unanticipated questions, Police investigators
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2016-09-22 16:55
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