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(Re)doing parent-child relationships in dual residence arrangements: Swedish children’s narratives about changing relations post-separation

Författare och institution:
Rakel Berman (Institutionen för socialt arbete)
Publicerad i:
Zeitschrift für Familienforschung - Journal of Family Research, 2015 ( 10 ) s. 123-140
Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig
Sammanfattning (abstract):
This article explores children’s experiences about growing up in dual residence arrangements, i.e. post-separation arrangements where children share their time equally between their parents. It focuses on children’s narratives of re-doing fami- ly relationships after separation. Guided by a social constructionist approach, the analysis is based on in-depth and reflexive in- terviews with nineteen co-parented children aged 9-17. The ways in which children and parents shape everyday life through interaction and nego- tiations in each family-unit, are illuminated by the concept of doing family. Many children point out how they get more attention and more time on their own with each parent. Results demonstrate that many partici- pants perceive the relationships with their parents differently after separation, corresponding to a novel reflexivity concerning the family as well as new ways of positioning themselves. Over time, the break-up of the nuclear family, however diffi- cult, brings an opportunity for children to reflect on family ties in a new way. In so doing, it be- comes possible to question relationships as well as to build closer and more profound connections with family members.
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dual residence, shared residence, joint physical custody, shared care, post-divorce childhood, divorce, doing family
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