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Expert Forum Tools & Content for Social Science Research

Europeana Cloud: Deliverable 1.5 (3 of 4)

Författare och institution:
Björn Sjögren (Svensk nationell datatjänst (SND)); Stefan Ekman (Svensk nationell datatjänst (SND))
Sammanfattning (abstract):
This report deals with the Expert Forum that took place in Gothenburg October 24-25 to assess social scientists needs and requirements for using Europeana as a research source. The 19 participants either belonged to the Europeana Cloud projects or were invited as external social scientists experts. The forum had two themes; (a) what kinds of tools would be useful, and could potentially be developed, for social scientists carrying out research on the Europeana material; and (b) what content in Europeana is useful as it stands, what gaps exist and, most importantly, what changes in addition to Europeana content could encourage future social science research. The discussions provided the following key recommendations for Europeana: - functionality for adding annotations, comments, and user-enhanced metadata to records - robust, user-friendly functionality for export to non-proprietary, ubiquitous, and/or thirdparty software - refined search functionality and additional filters - an approach to additional content that focuses on quality in few areas/subjects/topics rather than quantity in many - improved metadata quality - clear, easy-to-find information on Europeana, its providers, collection strategies, and inclusion (and exclusion) criteria.
Ämne (baseras på Högskoleverkets indelning av forskningsämnen):
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Ytterligare information:
Detta är del 3 av 4 i leverabel D1.5 från EU-projektet Europeana Cloud: Unlocking Europe’s Research via The Cloud (eCloud), ett projekt som syftar till att utveckla Europeana till en användbar källa för forskning på digitalt kulturarvsmaterial. Hela D1.5 (Deliverable 1.5: Reports on all 4 Expert Fora [2015]) finns också publicerad som en rapport. Den här delrapporten utgör sid. 23-35.
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2016-07-08 14:02

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