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User Requirements Analysis and Case Studies Report. Content Strategy Report.

Europeana Cloud Deliverable 1.3 and 1.6: User Requirements Analysis and Case Studies Report (1.3) and Content Strategy Report (1.6)

Författare och institution:
Stavros Angelis (-); Agiatis Benardou (-); Nephelie Chatzidiakou (-); Panos Constantopoulos (-); Costis Dallas (-); Alastair Dunning (-); Jennifer Edmond (-); Stefan Ekman (Svensk nationell datatjänst (SND)); Vicky Garnett (-); Dimitris Gavrilis (-); Caspar Jordan (Svensk nationell datatjänst (SND)); Kika Kalogeropoulou (-); Konstantinos Karozos (-); Ilze Lace (Svensk nationell datatjänst (SND)); Rufus Latham (Svensk nationell datatjänst (SND)); Marian Lefferts (-); Dimitra-Nefeli Makri (-); Athanassios Mantes (-); Eliza Papaki (-); Dimitar Popovski (Svensk nationell datatjänst (SND)); Owain Roberts (-); Norman Roger (-); Martin Schaller (-); Björn Sjögren (Svensk nationell datatjänst (SND)); Ingeborg Versprille (-); Kees Waterman (-)
Antal sidor:
Sammanfattning (abstract):
The present Deliverable (1.3) comprises of two joint reports: former Deliverable 1.3 (User Requirements and Case Studies report) and Deliverable 1.6 (Content Strategy Report). As a product of a multi-scale, interdisciplinary effort, Deliverable 1.3 (User Requirements and Case Studies report / Content Strategy Report) employs a multi-faceted approach to make sense of the information needs and behaviour of Humanities and Social Sciences researchers both within and outside the Europeana ecosystem, while achieving profound understanding of the ways these communities interact with existing Europeana content and metadata. Through extensive and widely-levelled empirical research (Case Studies, Web Survey, Interviews, Focus Groups) complimented by thorough desk research (Literature review, study of particular thematic areas), and building on work previously conducted in the context of other Digital Humanities Research Infrastructures (DARIAH, EHRI, ARIADNE, NeDiMAH) Work Package 1 managed to reach a long list of non-prioritized User Requirements as well as a set of flexible Content Recommendations for the upcoming development of Europeana Research.
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Detta är en leverabel från EU-projektet Europeana Cloud: Unlocking Europe’s Research via The Cloud (eCloud), ett projekt som syftar till att utveckla Europeana till en användbar källa för forskning på digitalt kulturarvsmaterial.
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2016-07-08 13:51

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