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Standards with future relevance for European Social Science data infrastructure / Needs, Key Areas, Rules & Best Practices in Metadata Standard selection and usage

DELIVERABLE D7.2: D7.3 - Data without Boundaries (DwB) WORK PACKAGE 7 - Standards Development

Författare och institution:
Claus-Göran Hjelm (-); Stefan Ekman (Svensk nationell datatjänst (SND)); Hans Irebäck (-); Caspar Jordan (Svensk nationell datatjänst (SND)); Björn Sjögren (Svensk nationell datatjänst (SND)); Maurice Brandt (-); Anja Croessmann (-); Thomas Helmcke (-); Mari Kleemola (-); Katja Moilanen (-); Ørnulf Risnes (-); Uwe Jensen (-)
Sammanfattning (abstract):
Support for searching and locating OS microdata at NSIs is by far not as developed and coordinated at a European level as for research data at DAs. No structured metadata base exist that present national OS microdata from the NSIs at a European and international level, even if there are some degree of integration via Eurostat/European Statistical System, (ESS)1, by which datasets from different countries are integrated through gathering data from common European Surveys coordinated by Eurostat/ESS. This report is to identify and to discuss such subjects and questions about “future needs”, “best practice” and “open issues” as related topics within the programmatic frame of WP7 on “Standards development”. The report integrates the former separated deliverable DwB D7.2 and DwB D7.3 to achieve most possible coherence and integration in answering leading questions in the field and tackling respective work package tasks. Thus DwB D7.2/3 emphasizes the need for standards development from different points of view, and results from the work in T7.2, T7.3, T7.4 and T7.5, which is detailed in the following. The audiences for this report are the statistical institutes and government agencies that would like to facilitate transnational discovery and access to official microdata.
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Ytterligare information:
Rapporten är en leverabel i EU-projektet Data without Boundaries, ett projekt med syfte att bygga upp en forskningsinfrastruktur som kopplar samman nationella statistikinstitutioner i Europa med repositorier för forskningsdata.
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