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Metadata standards and practices in related disciplines and standards for linking different sources

DELIVERABLE D7.6 - Data without Boundaries (DwB) WORK PACKAGE 7 - Standards Development

Författare och institution:
Uwe Jensen (-); Stefan Ekman (Svensk nationell datatjänst (SND)); Claus‐Göran Hjelm (-); Hans Irebäck (-); Stefan Schweers (-)
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Data without Boundaries (DwB) WORK PACKAGE 7 - Standards Development,
Sammanfattning (abstract):
Standards development is a key concern for system and infrastructure development when the goal is to support interdisciplinary research by providing access to data from different sources and disciplines for re-use to improve the knowledge base. Metadata is a key concept in the development of better data access as well as to communicate knowledge about discipline specific data to a wider research community to improve the analysis potential of standard data sources like statistical or survey data hosted by NSIs, DAs or universities. This report begins by investigating options and practises to foster extension of existing metadata, applying research data and results e.g. from health and geospatial research disciplines. Secondly the report describes concepts, standards and practices linking data, publication and further research assets to create rich contextual metadata sources. Both facets of metadata are of relevance for interdisciplinary re-use of available data to innovate answers to research questions using different data sources in a rich data and metadata environment. The audience for this report are statistical institutes, data archives and metadata experts with interests in standards development to foster data re-use and knowledge discovery.
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Ytterligare information:
Rapporten är en leverabel i EU-projektet Data without Boundaries, ett projekt med syfte att bygga upp en forskningsinfrastruktur som kopplar samman nationella statistikinstitutioner i Europa med repositorier för forskningsdata.
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2016-07-07 14:30
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2016-07-08 13:17

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