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Altered white matter and cortical structure in neonates with antenatally diagnosed isolated ventriculomegaly.

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G Lockwood Estrin (-); V Kyriakopoulou (-); A Makropoulos (-); G Ball (-); L Kuhendran (-); A Chew (-); Bibbi Hagberg (Gillbergcentrum); M Martinez-Biarge (-); J Allsop (-); M Fox (-); S J Counsell (-); M A Rutherford (-)
Publicerad i:
NeuroImage. Clinical, 11 s. 139-48
Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig
Sammanfattning (abstract):
Ventriculomegaly (VM) is the most common central nervous system abnormality diagnosed antenatally, and is associated with developmental delay in childhood. We tested the hypothesis that antenatally diagnosed isolated VM represents a biological marker for altered white matter (WM) and cortical grey matter (GM) development in neonates. 25 controls and 21 neonates with antenatally diagnosed isolated VM had magnetic resonance imaging at 41.97(± 2.94) and 45.34(± 2.14) weeks respectively. T2-weighted scans were segmented for volumetric analyses of the lateral ventricles, WM and cortical GM. Diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) measures were assessed using voxel-wise methods in WM and cortical GM; comparisons were made between cohorts. Ventricular and cortical GM volumes were increased, and WM relative volume was reduced in the VM group. Regional decreases in fractional anisotropy (FA) and increases in mean diffusivity (MD) were demonstrated in WM of the VM group compared to controls. No differences in cortical DTI metrics were observed. At 2 years, neurodevelopmental delays, especially in language, were observed in 6/12 cases in the VM cohort. WM alterations in isolated VM cases may be consistent with abnormal development of WM tracts involved in language and cognition. Alterations in WM FA and MD may represent neural correlates for later neurodevelopmental deficits.
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Brain; DTI; Development; Magnetic resonance imaging; TBSS; Ventricular enlargement
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2016-07-03 16:42

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