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Barbed Wire and White Buses

The archaeological excavation of a Second World War rehabilitation camp in Sweden

Författare och institution:
Maria Persson (Institutionen för historiska studier)
Publicerad i:
EAA Glasgow, Scotland, 2-3 September 2015. Abstract Book, s. 118-119
Konferensbidrag - refereegranskat abstract
Sammanfattning (abstract):
AM7 BARBED WIRE AND WHITE BUSES. THE ARCHAEOLOGICAL EXCAVATION OF A SECOND WORLD WAR REHABILITATION CAMP IN SWEDEN. 119 ARCHAEOLOGY & MOBILITY Maria Persson HISTORICAL STUDIES, UNIVERSITY OF GOTHENBURG This paper considers the theme of the session from a Swedish perspective. In focus of the paper is an archaeological excavation of a Second World War rehabilitation camp in Sweden. 550 survivors from Nazi concentration camps came to the Skatås Camp in Gothenburg, Sweden, in 1945. They were part of a total of 30.000 survivors who came to Sweden during this time, most of them brought to Sweden through the rescue action of “the White Buses”. Skatås was a camp set up for their rehabilitation. An archaeological excavation of the site was conducted in order to recall memories of the camp. Amongst many other finds, a piece of barbed wire was found during the excavation. We learned that it originated from the fence that enclosed the camp. Since the camp was accommodated by survivors of the holocaust this was a controversial find. With the take-off point in this rusty piece of wire it is possible to tell a multifaceted story, concerning Sweden’s stance during World War Two, especially when it comes to refugee politics. The paper also highlights that the construction of camps was not limited to the wartime period. They were also required afterwards for those displaced by war and its aftermath. Furthermore, camps were not limited to the belligerent or occupied countries. They were also to be found in a neutral country like Sweden.
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