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Getting Engaged: betrothal, betrayal and equal marriage

Författare och institution:
Jason E. Bowman (Akademin Valand)
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Public Programming? Pedagogical Practices in a Missing Europe 30 June 2016 :A Study Day at Middlesex University,
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Sammanfattning (abstract):
This presentation will reflected on my E experience of being commissioned, as an artist, by the Head of Public Engagement on behalf of Manchester’s Whitworth Art Gallery, a university gallery. From 2009-10 I employed quasi-curatorial and processual practices that sought to ‘reach out’ to Manchester’s LGBTQ communities, as requested by the institution. In doing so I confronted multiple challenges that suggested divisionary ideologies in the apparatuses of the organisation. I thought through the commissioning as a process of knowledge production; the implications of and for ‘the curatorial’ when implemented by an artist, and how the institution may struggle with the implications of both when the results of ‘engagement’ demand disengaging from the dominant practices of a university gallery.
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Queer Art, Intervention, the Curatorial, Public Programmes
Ytterligare information:
Public Programming?Pedagogical Practices in a Missing Europe The term 'public programming’, has re-emerged as a framework to speak about the pedagogical initiatives across various public cultural institutions in the European context. It continues legacies from gallery education, new institutionalism, and independent pedagogic projects, which have contributed to productions by, and formations of, art audiences. The re-vitalised form now also provides a spaceof intervention in public questions affecting the broader body politic. But, the democratic and critical premises of a publicly produced culture are now being undone, caught in the paradoxes of post-democratic institutions and under the pervasive push of event economies. Moreover, the prospect of Europe as a space for a more just political organisation is deteriorating, leaving many with a sense of a missed opportunity and missing potential.
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