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The digitalization of retailing: an exploratory framework

Författare och institution:
Johan Hagberg (Företagsekonomiska institutionen, Marknadsföring & Centre for Retailing); Malin Sundström (-); Niklas Egels-Zandén (Företagsekonomiska institutionen, Management & Organisation & Centre for Retailing)
Publicerad i:
International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management, 44 ( 7 ) s. 694-712
Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig
Sammanfattning (abstract):
Digitalization denotes an on-going transformation of great importance for the retail sector. The purpose of this paper is to analyse the phenomenon of the digitalization of retailing by developing a conceptual framework that can be used to further delineate current transformations of the retailer-consumer interface. This paper develops a framework for digitalization in the retail-consumer interface that consists of four elements: exchanges, actors, offerings, and settings. Drawing on the previous literature, it describes and exemplifies how digitalization transforms each of these elements and identifies implications and proposals for future research. Digitalization transforms the following: i) retailing exchanges (in a number of ways and in various facets of exchange, including communications, transactions, and distribution); ii) the nature of retail offerings (blurred distinctions between products and services, what constitutes the actual offering and how it is priced); iii) retail settings (i.e., where and when retailing takes place); and iv) the actors who participate in retailing (i.e., retailers and consumers, among other parties). The framework developed can be used to further delineate current transformations of retailing due to digitalization. The current transformation has created challenges for research, as it demands sensitivity to development over time and insists that categories that have been taken for granted are becoming increasingly blurred due to greater hybridity. This paper addresses a significant and on-going transformation in retailing and develops a framework that can both guide future research and aid retail practitioners in analysing retailing’s current transformation due to digitalization.
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transformation, retailing, framework, digitalization, retailer-consumer interface
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2016-06-28 15:09
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2016-08-12 09:48

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