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Quality of the intimate and sexual relationship in first-time parents - A longitudinal study

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Malin Hansson (Institutionen för vårdvetenskap och hälsa); Tone Ahlborg (Institutionen för vårdvetenskap och hälsa)
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Sexual & Reproductive HealthCare, 2012 ( 3 ) s. 21-29
Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig
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Sammanfattning (abstract):
Objectives: To describe experienced relationship quality, and in particular sensuality and sexuality, in first-time parents over time from when the firstborn is six months (T1), four years (T2) and eight years (T3) of age, to describe gender differences and the factors which may affect experienced relationship quality. Method: A longitudinal design with repeated measures using the self-reporting questionnaire Quality of Dyadic Relationship, QDR36, which was answered by 258 parents at all three occasions. Data was analysed primarily using Friedman’s test and multiple regression analysis. Results: The relationship quality statistically significantly decreased at T2 and then significantly increased again at T3 but not back to the level of origin at T1 (p < 0.000). Both sexes showed a similar change over time in the QDR-index. The dimension Dyadic Sensuality statistically significantly decreased at all three occasions (p < 0.000) and Dyadic Sexuality showed no significant differences over time but remained at a low level at all three occasions. Sexual Frequency and Contentment decreased at T3 after a small increase at T2. Four covariates of perceived relationship quality at T3 were statistically significant; strained relationship with the child, strained health, Sense of Coherence and strained economy. Cronbach’s alpha showed a high reliability (0.95) at T3 and indicates a development of the QDR 36. Conclusion: The results showing low intimacy in the relationship indicate a need of support from professionals, e.g. midwives, to couples with small children, for instance by enhancing communication skills and emphasizing the role of sensuality and sexuality.
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Prenatal- och perinatalforskning
Marital quality, Sexuality, Sensuality, First-time parents, Intimate relationship, QDR36
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2016-06-21 11:35
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