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Patient-reported outcomes of caries prophylaxis among Swedish caries active adults in a long-term perspective

Författare och institution:
H. Flink (-); A. Tegelberg (-); J. Arnetz (-); Dowen Birkhed (Institutionen för odontologi)
Publicerad i:
Swedish Dental Journal, 40 ( 1 ) s. 101-110
Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig
Sammanfattning (abstract):
The aim of this study was to measure patient-reported outcomes of caries prophylaxis and to compare them with previously documented efforts in dental offices. A questionnaire was mailed to 134 caries active (CA)and 40 caries inactive (CI) adult patients treated at a Swedish public dental service clinic. The overall response rate was 69%. The questionnaire included items regarding patient perceived caries prophylaxis in relation to:1) treatment and recommendations given by the dental personnel, 2) performed self-care and 3) perceived and expected effects. The responses were studied for their association to clinical data, extracted retrospectively from the patients' dental records. The mean follow up time was >16 years. Information about caries prophylaxis (p=0.01 and recommendations for self-care (p=0.04) were given more often to the CA group than to the CI group. Supplementary examinations and recommendations of self-care risk treatments were more frequent in the CA group (p<0.001). CA patients also made more frequent extra efforts at home to avoid caries by changing their eating habits (p<0.001), improving their oral hygiene (p=0.04) and using extra fluoride (p=0.00l). In the CA group, 60% did not consider that the extra prophylaxis efforts had made them caries inactive, and 40% were not satisfied with the outcome. Most patients (>90%) hoped that the outcome of caries prophylactics would be a reduced number of cavities. The patient-perceived experiences of caries prophylaxis-were in concordance with dental records. Both the dentists and the caries active middle-aged Swedish adults were aware of the need for extra prophylaxis. The caries active patients perceived having made extra home care efforts, but had not experienced that they had become free from caries.
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Caries prophylaxis, dental records, long-term evaluation, national guidelines, questionnaire, dental-caries, risk-assessment, adolescents, prevention, management, clinician, disease, life, care, Dentistry, Oral Surgery & Medicine
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2016-06-09 16:04

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