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Planning the territorial sea – The role of municipalities in the Swedish marine spatial planning process

Författare och institution:
Aron Westholm (Juridiska institutionen)
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Presentation at The Seventh Maritime Law & Policy International Postgraduate Research Conference, City Law London, 24 April 2016,
Konferensbidrag, övrigt
Sammanfattning (abstract):
Marine spatial planning (MSP) is a relatively new field of law. In Sweden the law on MSP was adopted in 2014, and a supplementary regulation in 2015. The government is expected to adopt the actual plans in 2018-19. The plans shall assume an ecosystem approach to marine management and will cover the Swedish marine areas, from 1 nautical mile outside the baseline until the end of the exclusive economic zone, thus covering most of the territorial sea. Traditionally, the municipalities have had a planning monopoly, the exclusive right to plan the use of land and water areas within their borders. Usually covering also the territorial sea. Therefore, following the implementation of the MSP regulation, the municipal and state planning competences overlap in an area of 11 nautical miles. Neither the national marine plans nor the municipal master plans are enforceable and the legislator has not decided on an internal hierarchy between them. The research project will study the internal relation between the two types of plans and how the ecosystem approach is being applied in practice, with administrative boundaries not corresponding to the boundaries of the ecosystem. The project will include an interview study with representatives from government, county government and municipalities. A comparative study will explore the implementation of MSP regulation in other (yet to be chosen) states.
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2016-06-07 14:12

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