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Orthodontic implants and orthodontic implant surfaces.

Författare och institution:
Anna Westerlund (Institutionen för odontologi, sektion 3)
Publicerad i:
Implant Surfaces and their Biological and Clinical Impact. Editors: Ann Wennerberg, Tomas Albrektsson & Ryo Jimbo , s. 157-178
Kapitel, refereegranskat
Sammanfattning (abstract):
Orthodontic implants as anchorage device has brought new dimensions to orthodontic treatment planning and biomechanics. Treatments that were previously not possible can now be accomplished successfully not only in children and adolescent but also in adults. The chapter covers evaluated concepts of orthodontic implant: anchorage, origin, nomenclature, and applications. Parameters affecting success rates including patient-related factors, implant-related factors, and factors related to clinical procedures are discussed more in detail. Particular attention has been paid to parameters related to implant materials and implant surface. These parameters have not been fully evaluated since it is claimed that osseointegration is of secondary importance because of the temporary nature of these implants. It could be concluded that in order to develop the concept of orthodontic implants all parameters need to be considered. Orthodontic implants would favor from having their surfaces modified for proper osseointegration. This would increase not only the success rate during favorable conditions but also maintain the success rate when compensating for other parameters being compromised in the clinical situation. Moreover, to be able to optimize on orthodontic implant parameters in general, all independent variables need to be controlled. In most studies so far, there are scatters of variables, making it impossible to draw any evidence-based scientific conclusion.
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