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Regenerative Medicine for Periodontal and Peri-implant Diseases

Författare och institution:
Lena Larsson (Institutionen för odontologi, sektion 2); A. M. Decker (-); L. Nibali (-); S. P. Pilipchuk (-); Tord Berglundh (Institutionen för odontologi, sektion 2); W. V. Giannobile (-)
Publicerad i:
Journal of Dental Research, 95 ( 3 ) s. 255-266
Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig
Sammanfattning (abstract):
The balance between bone resorption and bone formation is vital for maintenance and regeneration of alveolar bone and supporting structures around teeth and dental implants. Tissue regeneration in the oral cavity is regulated by multiple cell types, signaling mechanisms, and matrix interactions. A goal for periodontal tissue engineering/regenerative medicine is to restore oral soft and hard tissues through cell, scaffold, and/or signaling approaches to functional and aesthetic oral tissues. Bony defects in the oral cavity can vary significantly, ranging from smaller intrabony lesions resulting from periodontal or peri-implant diseases to large osseous defects that extend through the jaws as a result of trauma, tumor resection, or congenital defects. The disparity in size and location of these alveolar defects is compounded further by patient-specific and environmental factors that contribute to the challenges in periodontal regeneration, peri-implant tissue regeneration, and alveolar ridge reconstruction. Efforts have been made over the last few decades to produce reliable and predictable methods to stimulate bone regeneration in alveolar bone defects. Tissue engineering/regenerative medicine provide new avenues to enhance tissue regeneration by introducing bioactive models or constructing patient-specific substitutes. This review presents an overview of therapies (e. g., protein, gene, and cell based) and biomaterials (e. g., resorbable, nonresorbable, and 3-dimensionally printed) used for alveolar bone engineering around teeth and implants and for implant site development, with emphasis on most recent findings and future directions.
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tissue engineering, alveolar bone, gene therapy, 3D printing, growth factors, regeneration, controlled clinical-trial, beta-tricalcium phosphate, fiber-guiding, scaffolds, dried bone allograft, stem-cell therapy, intrabony defects, tissue regeneration, gene delivery, case series, ridge augmentation, Dentistry
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