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Topics and Epistemological Trends in Swedish Bachelor Theses in Radiography

Författare och institution:
Lunden Maud (-); Bodil T Andersson (-); Solveig M Lundgren (Institutionen för vårdvetenskap och hälsa)
Publicerad i:
Creative Education, 7 ( 6 ) s. 852-860
Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig
Sammanfattning (abstract):
Abstract When investigating the general state of radiography, an allied health care education in Sweden, one possible starting point is to conduct a review of Bachelor theses from radiography education programmes. The nature and function of the thesis can have an academic or professional perspec- tive or a combination of both. The review of the theses can give insight into both the current state and the future of radiography. The aim of this study was to explore the contemporary theoretical, topical and methodological trends in Bachelor theses in the field of radiography. An explorative design with a qualitative approach using content analysis was employed to determine the addressed theoretical framework, topics, research questions, and designs and methods used in Bachelor theses in radiography. The theoretical framework gave the impression of a discipline with a great deal of imported knowledge, showing a theoretical pluralism. The analysis of research questions yielded four topics: evidence based care, evidence behind imaging, work environment and additional minor trends. The research designs used, involve literature review of other re- search and interviews. The students use qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods, whereas quality content analysis holds an exceptional position for analysis. Academically oriented theses should focus on knowledge of the subject, and it can therefore be claimed that the analysis of Bachelor theses provides a window into the state of radiography and can thereby have an impact on the development of radiography as a discipline. Keywords Radiography, Bachelor Theses, Explorative Design, Content Analysis
Ämne (baseras på Högskoleverkets indelning av forskningsämnen):
Radiography, Bachelor Theses, Explorative Design, Content Analysis
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2016-05-21 20:10
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2016-05-30 18:18

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