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Wreck Removal - A Legal Study of Wreck Removal and the Contracting Processes Involved

Författare och institution:
Jhonnie Kern (Juridiska institutionen)
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Presentation at The Seventh Maritime Law & Policy International Postgraduate Research Conference, City Law London, 24 April 2016. ,
Konferensbidrag, övrigt
Sammanfattning (abstract):
My PhD-project, which is currently in its inception, deals with different aspects of wrecks and wreck removal. It concerns mainly the private law aspects of this part of maritime law. More specifically questions regarding wreck removal and contractual aspects of such actions will be addressed. These situations tend to be complex with several subjects involved in the contracting process. Several different kinds of contracts can also be envisaged to facilitate a removal. The project is divided into two main parts. The first is an analysis of salvage and wreck removal contracts as such and the possible varieties of contracts in this field. The second part is meant to deal with standard forms of contracts when it comes to wreck removal. The contracts in focus are Wreckstage, Wreckfixed and Wreckhire, created within the framework of BIMCO. These are to be analysed and compared with each other as well as in relation to the different subjects involved in the contracting process. As a backdrop to these two parts, finally, the thesis will commence with a presentation and analysis of the overall general regulation concerning wrecks and wreck removal. This will entail comparative analysis of English as well as Swedish and other Nordic laws. Not much has been written on wrecks and wreck removal. At the same time the costs associated with such operations have risen dramatically over the years. This, taken together with the lack of research in this field, especially from a Swedish perspective, motivates the project
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