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Travelling academics: the lived experience of academics moving across countries

Författare och institution:
Liisa Uusimäki (Institutionen för pedagogik och specialpedagogik); Susanne Garvis (Institutionen för pedagogik, kommunikation och lärande)
Publicerad i:
Higher Education Research and Development, e-pub ahead of print
Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig
Sammanfattning (abstract):
The article reports on a study that explored the personal narratives of two female travelling academics at a Swedish University who had moved from Australia. To complement previous accounts of difficult migration and enculturation within the research literature, this article focuses mainly on the successful experiences of the academics and how their own sense of agency allowed them to navigate the new educational context. The article identifies key factors that have enacted these achievements and contributes to the understanding of travelling academics and their needs as they move to new higher education contexts. In particular, the article contributes to the long-term migration to a non-English-speaking country (Sweden) by two academics who had previously studied and worked within an English-speaking university system (Australia). In conclusion, the article suggests ways pedagogy and policy can respond to support other international academics who choose to travel and work in another country, enhancing and ‘living’ internationalization within the global world.
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academics, faculty,enculturation, internationalisation, lived experience
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