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Self-determination among community-dwelling older persons: explanatory factors

Författare och institution:
Isabelle Ottenvall Hammar (Institutionen för neurovetenskap och fysiologi & Centrum för åldrande och hälsa (AgeCap)); Synneve Dahlin-Ivanoff (Institutionen för neurovetenskap och fysiologi & Centrum för åldrande och hälsa (AgeCap)); Katarina Wilhelmson (Institutionen för neurovetenskap och fysiologi & Centrum för åldrande och hälsa (AgeCap)); Kajsa Eklund (Institutionen för neurovetenskap och fysiologi & Centrum för åldrande och hälsa (AgeCap))
Publicerad i:
Scandinavian Journal of Occupational Therapy, 23 ( 3 ) s. 198-206
Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig
Sammanfattning (abstract):
Background Although it is acknowledged that exercising self-determination in daily activities affects older people’s health and well-being, few studies have focused on the explanatory factors for self-determination in daily life. Objective To investigate explanatory factors for self-determination in the context of community-dwelling older persons. Method: This cross-sectional study combined two sets of data that included community-dwelling persons 80 years and older (n = 456). A bivariate logistic regression was performed to analyse the association of self-determination and a set of explanatory factors. Results The final bivariate logistic regression model revealed five explanatory factors that were significantly associated with perceiving reduced self-determination: high education (OR = 2.83), frailty (OR = 2.70), poor self-rated health (OR = 2.54), dissatisfaction with physical health (OR = 6.50), and receiving help from public homecare service (OR = 2.46). Conclusion Several explanatory factors related to the ageing body and environmental aspects were associated with reduced self-determination. To help older people maintain self-determination, healthcare professionals should consider using a person-centred and capability approach to care.
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Annan medicin och hälsovetenskap ->
Gerontologi, medicinsk/hälsovetenskaplig inriktning
Activities of daily living (ADL); aged 80 and over; capability; cross-sectional study; decision-making
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2016-04-30 12:19
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