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The Lions Blood: Religious Identity, Nationalism and Social Media among Sinhala-Buddhist Youth

Författare och institution:
Carolina Ivarsson Holgersson (Institutionen för globala studier, socialantropologi)
Publicerad i:
SANT 2016, Sveriges Antropologiförbunds årliga konferens, 20160421, Göteborg,
Konferensbidrag, övrigt
Sammanfattning (abstract):
SinhaLe - recently stickers with this text are appearing in Colombo street life, on the back of three wheelers, on busses and in shop windows. You can also buy t-shirts online and people are making tattoos and ingenious haircuts depicting this logo. The image accompanying the text portrays a lion with a sword taken from Sri Lanka’s national flag with the word Sinha (lion) written in yellow and the last letter Le (blood) in red and tries to portray the word Sinhale as a conjunction of the two words. The old story goes that an Indian prince, Vijaya, landed in the island and got betrothed. According to chronicles his father had hands like a lion. Vijaya inherited the lion genes of his father and it is widely believed that he was the first king of Sri Lanka. The idea that Sinhale means lions blood originates with this story and the belief that the Sinhalese are descendants of this king. The historical tale in this specific present-day manifestation carries an nationalistic Sinhala Buddhist message into the political scene in Sri Lanka. Evoking patriotism and ethno-religious divisions. It has gained popularity in particular amongst youth and is spreading via social media campaigns on Facebook. The paper builds upon recent fieldwork in Sri Lanka and will present fresh ethnography revolving around Sinhala Buddhist youth, religious identity and social media. It seeks ways to understand nationalism and religious radicalisation and the use of powerful mytho-historical symbols and tales in new media such as Facebook, and to capture how this plays out in the lives of young Sinhala Buddhists.
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2016-04-25 09:52

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