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Towards a Regional History of Pre-Columbian Settlements in the Santarém and Belterra Regions, Pará, Brazil

Författare och institution:
Per Stenborg (Institutionen för historiska studier)
Publicerad i:
Beyond Waters: Archaeology and Environmental History of the Amazonian Inland / edited by Per Stenborg, s. 9-22
University of Gothenburg
Sammanfattning (abstract):
Studies of the human societies that existed in the Amazon Basin prior to the European expansion into this region faces, in several ways, a more diicult task than the corresponding research on most other parts of the world. Amazonian archaeology is conducted in an environment characterized by swift processes of degradation of organic material where the cycling of nutrients takes place at a high pace. Buildings and other constructions made out of perishable material leave few traces. Historians, for their part, have faced diiculties in inding historical sources that give substantial information about the conditions that prevailed prior to European contact with the region, e.g. most European chroniclers of the 16th and 17th centuries paid limited attention to Native chronologies or accounts of pre-Columbian Amazonia. Development regarding analytical methods (in particular within Natural Science) looks promising and is sure to improve the situation over coming years. The purpose of this chapter is to situate the outcome of our recent investigations in the Santarém–Belterra Region within the larger context of data on Amazonian prehistory and history. An outline of a regional periodization covering the last centuries before the European arrival and up until the early Colonial Period (post A.D. 1639) is presented along with an explanatory model for the special form of society that emerged in the Santarém–Belterra Region during the centuries preceding the European arrival. he model is an adaptation of an economic model developed for the Central Andean area to an Amazonian case study; this also takes into consideration previous anthropological and environmental research in Santarém-Belterra region.
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Historia och arkeologi
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Arkeologi, utomeuropeisk
Pre-Columbian Archaeology, Landscape Archaeology, Santarém, Tapajós, Complementary Production, Cultivated Wilderness, Ethnohistory
Ytterligare information:
978-91-85245-60-7 (print)
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2016-03-11 17:45
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2016-07-01 13:31

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