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Public Assets

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Andrea Phillips (Akademin Valand)
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Oublic Assets conference: Common Practice UK in collaboration with Andrea Phillips,
Konferensbidrag, refereegranskat
Sammanfattning (abstract):
In his 2007 essay Take Me I’m Yours: Neoliberalising the Cultural Institution (2007, Mute), Anthony Davies reported on the contradictions revealed by activist protests against the MACBA in Barcelona’s attempt to incorporate their struggles within its programme: this revealed what Davies termed a ‘crisis of legitimation’ not simply of MACBA but for many more arts institutions. What he described was the inability for an arts institution – here a large and internationally famous one - to confront or change the incongruity of its ambitiously radical exteriority and its own practices of discrimination and exclusion, specifically in Davies terms, in relation to the wage and labour conditions of its own workers. We might all recognise the fact that this contradiction is still apparent within many arts organizations in the UK, and that it is not so simple to match the appearance of the ‘front’ of the organization (its exhibitions and events) with its ‘back’ (how workers are treated and paid). This will I hope be discussed in more detail by some of our speakers today, but here I want to use Davies’ naming of a legitimation crisis as endemic within the UK’s arts sector generally and within the small-scale sector specifically.
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public finance contemporary art state privatisation
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2016-01-24 16:45

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