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Dancing to the News-Workshop, Co-organized with Ulla Hvejsel,

Författare och institution:
Mary Coble (Akademin Valand); Ulla Hvejsel (Akademin Valand)
Publicerad i:
At the 13 Festivalen-Festival of Performance Art, Konstepidemin, Konstepidemin, Gothenburg, Sweden, January 2016,
Konferensbidrag, övrigt
Sammanfattning (abstract):
When I (Ulla) was a kid, we would jokingly say about someone who we considered to be less smart than us, that they were “so stupid that they could dance to the news”. In this workshop we will take on that stupidity, and try to dance our way through current events –and elaborate on the challenges or importance of dancing in a time like this. During the 2 days of the workshop, we will discuss the claims that this joke makes about the news, stupidity, frivolity, seriousness and the potential undanceability of current events. How do we as art practioners respond to urgent times? Is there something decadent about making art now? Or do we need to both dance and make art as the most appropriate response to these desperate times? To inspire and activate we will look at examples from the classical political or dadaist cabaret. Together we will make a series of short performances that will investigate the troubled relationship between activities like the arts, dancing and current events. Please come dance with us! Anyone can participate regardless of performance experience. The workshop is set up so new and experienced practitioners alike can benefit. Participants of all abilities and disabilities are welcomed.
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Filosofi, etik och religion ->
Filosofi, etik och religion ->
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workshop, performance, dance, news, queer, tactical frivolity, humor
Ytterligare information:
For more information on Ulla Hvejsel: and for more information on her ass: For more information on Mary Coble: For more information on 13 Festivalen
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