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Virtuella identiteter och antibiografi i Tobias Bernstrups konstnärskap

Virtual identities and anti-biography in the works of Tobias Bernstrup

Författare och institution:
Viveka Kjellmer (Institutionen för kulturvetenskaper)
Publicerad i:
LIR.Journal, 5 s. 163-173
Artikel, refereegranskad vetenskaplig
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Sammanfattning (abstract):
Swedish multimedia artist Tobias Bernstrup (b. 1970) works in a transboundary universe where reality and fiction merge. I examine how computer games and virtual identities can be understood as artistic tools. I am especially interested in how Bernstrup’s use of his own body in his artworks relates to a biographical approach, and how he uses multiple media forms to portray identities. Discussing examples of Bernstrup’s art in relation to a biographical interpretation, I show that a traditional biographical perspective is misleading in his case and propose “anti-biography” as a concept better suited to understanding the biographical as non-personal. The artist’s body becomes a tool expressing generic anti-biography. The artist wears fictional biographies, all with traits borrowed from Bernstrup, but at the same time demonstrating that identity is created and negotiable. I conclude that Bernstrup’s exposure of his own body should be interpreted as referencing not his person but his artistic universe, with his body becoming a metalanguage to express something deeply human rather than personal.
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Tobias Bernstrup, anti-biography, identity, multimedia, avatar
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2015-12-10 10:41
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