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The critical camera

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Linda Sternö (Akademin Valand)
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Archives, Art and Activism: Exploring Critical Heritage Approaches to Global Societal Challenges,
Konferensbidrag, övrigt
Sammanfattning (abstract):
As a film maker it is very common to be asked to document different events. Very often the documented material is never asked for again, it just lays around on huge abandoned hard drive grave yards. Therefore it is very rewarding being a film maker in a project where the documented material is treated as something important, something that takes the thinking process and analysis forward. That has been the case in a research project about Rubicon, a dance group active in Gothenburg during the 1980's. In the beginning of the project the question around documentation was: "If somebody wants to walk in our footsteps in 50 even 100 years from now; what material (if any) would we want this somebody to have access to from our working process"? The questions circled around an imagined archive and how to constitute and archive on our own work. Through the project the questions around documentation have deepened and widened and landed in an activist view on documentation experimenting with the questions: "who is taking/making the images, how, when and why, and how, when, why and to whom do we present the documented material"? The theoretic inspiration comes from the choreographer Efva Lilja’s view on dance as an activist method. Lilja claims that it is necessary to break the horizontal perspective in order for something good to happen, and that is also an ambition of this project. But what happens if the film maker gives up the vertical perspective in the middle of a documentation process? During this project film making, documenting with a camera, editing and presenting the material has come through as a way of thinking through practice. The filmed documentation; both the filming and the work with the filmed material becomes a part of the analysis work in the project as a whole. Link to pdf/PowerPoint here. To be confirmed.
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Critical camera. documentation
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2015-12-09 21:11

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