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Teachers Rating Writing in a High-Stakes Context

Författare och institution:
Gudrun Erickson (Institutionen för pedagogik och specialpedagogik)
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2015 ALAA/ALANZ/ALTAANZ conference; Adelaide, Australia; 30 Nov-2 Dec ,
Konferensbidrag - refereegranskat abstract
Sammanfattning (abstract):
This paper focuses on teachers’ ratings of their own students’ writing within the framework of a high-stakes national test of EFL. Conceptually, the paper is based on an expanded view of validity, focusing on instruments and procedures as well as inferences, uses and consequences. In this, individual as well as pedagogical and societal aspects are taken into account. In the study, 100 randomly selected, teacher-rated tests were collected, and the Writing task was re-rated by three external raters. To contribute to a deeper understanding of the rating process and the results, the external raters were asked to write down their reflections on texts they found particularly complicated to rate. Contrary to common expectations, the overall ratings showed a high degree of inter-rater consistency. In addition to this, however, distinctly uneven rater profiles were identified. The individual rater comments were categorised based on the different features highlighted. In the paper, methodological aspects as well as results and consequences are discussed. Questions addressed concern rater variability as well qualitative features in texts considered difficult to handle in the rating process. Finally, the results of the study are related to the question of teacher rating versus external rating of high-stakes tests. Examples are given from the educational context of the study, where the remarking of national tests by the national Schools Inspectorate has brought about discussions about reliability, validity and equity as well as trust in teachers as raters of their own students’ tests.
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Subject didactics
language testing and assessment, writing, EFL, high-stakes, inter-rater consistency, validity
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2015-12-05 22:04

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