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Pedagogic identities for sale - What became of the ambition towards an equivalent Swedish school?

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Marianne Dovemark (Institutionen för pedagogik och specialpedagogik)
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Paper presented at SERA Conference, Aberdeen, Scotland 18-20 November 2015,
Konferensbidrag - refereegranskat abstract
Sammanfattning (abstract):
Sweden has nowadays one of the world’s most liberal school systems when it comes to market solutions. Values from the private sector have been established. One is the idea to unleash a free school choice to vouchers. All schools, public as well as independent, are to some extent market oriented, whether they want it or not. The survival of schools and programs simply assumes activity in the market, such as a proactive marketing. The upper secondary sector is the most affected and today almost all schools, public as well as independent, compete with each other over students, teachers and reputation. The aim of the paper is to illustrate how Swedish schools construct different pedagogic identities in the way they marketize themselves. We examine through a Bernsteinian lens how upper secondary schools promote themselves; what identities are being called for by the schools and how these identities are expressed. Moreover the paper intends to study how these identities are reflected in studied school actors and how they can be understood in relation to the labour market. We have analyzed texts from various kinds of marketing materials, including websites and prospectuses of the schools. The empirical data also include interviews with various school actors. In addition, we attended and recorded observations at open houses and school fairs. Our findings indicate a strong differentiated market-oriented education system, mediated not only through distinctions in courses and programmes, but also through schools creating highly specific niches and targeting specific students as valuable commodities. The study is part of a larger ongoing research project “Competitive and inclusive? Working in the intersection between social inclusion and marketization in upper secondary school”, financed by the Swedish Research Council (2011-2015).
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pedagogic identities, market-oriented education, differentiation, upper secondary school
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2015-11-25 12:50

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